Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NPL moves to solve sponsorship issue

Troubled Nigeria Premier League (NPL) says it is taking steps to address the lingering issue of its title sponsorship.

An executive member of the disputed NPL, Owolabi Wopa, before a Federal High Court declared the body illegal, told SuperSport.com that the financial hiccup faced by the nation's top flight will be "resolved soon."

Wopa also pleaded with the clubs on behalf of the NPL to continue to bear with shouldering the payment of allowances of match referees.

He regretted that the situation has been necessitated by the financial mess in which the NPL accountant, Joe Ogbowie, allegedly withdrew N12 million from the coffers of the league body without the consent of the secretariat.

"It's an unfortunate situation that the league has found itself in this season. But as someone who is concerned about the situation I can only plead with the clubs to continue to pay indemnities to the referees.

"This is not the first time that the clubs are paying match indemnities to the referees. I remember very well that it happened in the past and we didn't have too much of a fuss over this matter like we have now. I think the issue of the (NPL) accountant made it a big issue and it's regrettable," Wopa told SuperSport.com.

The issue of title sponsorship of the Nigerian top flight has dragged on from last season to date after Total Promotions Limited secured the rights on behalf of its client, MTN Nigeria Limited.


  1. Glo allow a serious minded company to sponsor our league,since left willingly,why returning back?go and concentrate in ghana.

  2. Glo pls allow serious organisation to take over the sponsorship of our league,since pull out willingly in the first instance.on the filmsy excused of not having desire milleage.