Monday, November 02, 2009

How Adepoju’s Properties Won 3SC Promotion

It has emerged that former Nigeria international, Mutiu Adepoju, played a massive role in the promotion of Ibadan-based club, Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) last season after he was appointed as General Manager by the Oyo State government.
An official of the club hinted during one of his visits to the ancient town that Adepoju after taking up the job at Shooting Stars had found it difficult to get initial funds from the state government for the take-off his tenure as General Manager.
In a bid ensure that money s available for traveling expenses he club to tch venues, allowances of players and officials and overhead costs at the Jericho secretariat of the club, Adepoju had to place his properties as collateral to get a loan from one of the banks based in Ibadan.
The club disclosed that the former Racing Santander midfielder put up one of his buildings and a petrol filling station as collateral for cash from the bank in a bid to save his former club the humiliation of a fourth straight season in the National Division I League.
However, it is understood that the Oyo State government has since released the funds for last season to the club and Adepoju’s properties have been handed over to him by the bank after he paid back the money he loaned last year.
“I wouldn’t want my name to be mentioned please but I think that Mutiu (Adepoju) has shown that he wants to help Shooting Stars become of the best clubs in the country again. Last season when Shooting Stars won promotion he took a very big risk in giving out one of his buildings and his (petrol) filling station to get money from a bank for the club. Thank God that things worked out at the end and he got money from the state government and paid back the bank,” was informed.
But the Shooting Stars’ General Manager was not on hand to comment on the issue, as his telephone was switched off.

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