Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Slovenian Coach To Drag Pillars Before FIFA

Suspended Kano Pillars’ coach, Ivo Sajh, may make official complaint to the world soccer governing body, FIFA, over ill-treatment from the management of the Nigerian club, understands.
It is understood that the Slovenian coach is being owed three months salaries and faces ejection from his accommodation in Kano.
Sajh has also alleged that the hotel in which he resides has stopped his meals on the orders of the club. is also aware that the 56-year-old coach claimed that he has been taking care of his feeding expenses at his hotel room in Kano since last month after his employer stopped his order for food.
The Slovenian receives $5,000 per month as salary and is now owed $15,000 by the management of Kano Pillars.
In spite of appointing former coach, Salisu Yusuf, last week, the management of the former Nigerian champion is yet to make a decision on the future of its foreign coach, who once handled Jasper United.
A top official of the club called that after the club’s recent treatment to the Slovenian, he is considering filing a complaint to FIFA over his unpaid three months salaries.
However, club chairman, Tukur Babangida, debunked the claim that Kano Pillars had ordered the hotel, where Sajh is resident to stop his feeding.
“No we did not tell the hotel where he stays to do that. I am not aware of such a development,” he told
But Sajh is demanding that his outstanding salaries for three months be paid him before next week.

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