Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Dolphin Rescued Arrested Trio

It has been revealed to that the story of the three Dolphin Football Club players arrested last week would have been so different by now if not for the intervention of the Rivers State sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye.
According to a statement from the media officer of the club, China Acheru, the players – Sunday Mba, Jonah Abutu and Captain Ejindu – had been mistaken for armed robbers by the men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Rivers State.
The trio, it would be recalled, were arrested last Tuesday at the GRA of Port Harcourt just minutes after a robbery incident had taken place in the area.
“If not for the sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye, maybe three of our players arrested wrongly by the police would have still been incarcerated.
The players, Sunday Mbah, Jonah Abutu and Captain Ejindu left camp on Tuesday evening after training for dinner somewhere at the GRA part of Port Harcourt.
“Unknown to them, an armed robbery operation had taken place at GRA earlier that day in which a police man was killed. Trust the Nigerian police, when something like that happens they wait until after the robbers leave to start making random arrests and that was where they arrested our players,” the statement from Acheru read.
The Dolphin FC spokesman also disclosed that the police refused to acknowledge the players’ identity cards even when they showed them.
He added that when officials of the club went to the office of the SARS to clear the players of the charge of armed robbers they were ignored until Iyaye showed up.
“The arrest took place on Tuesday evening despite the fact that our players showed them identity cards and other proof that they were Dolphins players.
Our management members went to the office of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) and were not even allowed to see them until the sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye intervened.
“The sports commissioner had to impress on the police commissioner that the boys arrested were taken in wrongly and must be released immediately. I must say if not for steps taken by the sports commissioner, we may not have had them released at the time we did. However, the police in their usual way still collected bail money even though it is a well known fact that bail is free,” Acheru said..

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