Monday, February 01, 2010

Chibambo, Eyimofe In Hospital For Treatment

Heartland Football Club’s Signswonder Chibambo and Joseph Eyimofe have visited a hospital in Owerri to check on their injuries after more than two weeks of failing to improve in the care of the club medical personnel.
The club’s team manager, Emeka Iwuagwu, told on Monday that the two players had gone to check on the development of their hamstring injuries.
Iwuagwu also disclosed that the club had arranged that the players should meet with a doctor in Owerri over their injuries, and hopes that their condition would improve after treatment.
“The players are going to meet a doctor today (Monday). On our part we have done our best but now we feel they should see a doctor who is qualified enough to check them up and give proper treatment so that they can recover,” he said.
Asked if there are plans to move the players to a hospital in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja for further treatment, Iwuagwu feigned ignorance about that arrangement.
An official had informed that the players’ condition had not improved under the care of the club’s medical personnel and that the option of taking them (Chibambo and Eyimofe) to Abuja was being mooted.
But Iwuagwu instead of responding to the purported arrangement decided to resort to rhetoric.
“Who told you that and which hospital are we taking them to in Abuja,” Iwuagwu queried “The only thing I know is that they are visiting a hospital in Owerri here and if there’s need for them to be referred elsewhere the doctor will be in a best position to do that.”
Chibambo has been out of the Heartland squad in the past two weeks after aggravated his tendons while Eyimofe is yet to feature for the Owerri club since the start of this year.

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