Friday, May 28, 2010

Gateway Boss Warns NFF On NPL Election

Ogun State Sports Commissioner and chairman of Gateway Football Club, Bukola Olapade, has warned the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) that there will be crisis if it tries to tamper with the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) election.
Olapade said in a Channels Sports programme monitored in Lagos that the football authorities should instead be happy because the NPL poll was conducted under a free atmosphere.
“I have called Sani Lulu and his people and told them that if they try to do anything funny with the election, we are going to fight them with everything we’ve got.
“Davidson Owumi and his board members won an election and I know that they will turn around the fortunes of the game in this country.
“Instead of wishing them well and planning on how to work with them from next season, they are busy making statements and behaving as if they have the right to upturn the elections.
“Owumi has played the game. He is educated and was a part of the last elections. So what is the problem of the people in the Glass House?
“I have said we are going to fight them to a standstill. This is a man that I know will bring positive changes to the Premier League where you must be rich to win anything title,” Olapade fumed.

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