Thursday, May 27, 2010

Premier League To Get Anthem Next Season

The board of the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) is thinking of adding value to the Premier League next season and has decided to have a theme song to be played in all matches next season.
Towards this end, the NPL has called on Nigerians who can produce a quality anthem to quickly submit their entries to the marketing and sponsorship department of the Premier League in Abuja.
According to the Chairman of the Premier League, Davidson Owumi, the anthem will be given to all the clubs from next season and they are expected to play it before and after Premier League games.
“We want a create a new image for the Premier League next season and that is why we are eager to get our own anthem that will be played all over the stadia used for Premier League matches next season.
“We are hereby calling on Nigerians who think they can produce very good anthem to get in touch with the marketing and sponsorship department of NPL to submit their entries as soon as possible.
“We are going to pick the best from the entries and then give it out to the 20 Premier League clubs for the coming season,” Owumi said.
– Emeka Nwani,

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