Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NPL To Open Talks With New Sponsor

With Globacom Nigeria Limited stalling to cough out the fee as title sponsor of the Premier League for the just-concluded 2009/2010 season, there are indications that the league arbiter could decide to open discussions with another company. understands that after the meeting between the new Premier League board under Davidson Owumi’s leadership and the representatives of the telecommunications firm, no word has been received from Globacom.
The two parties met at the headquarters of Globacom in Lagos on the invitation of the corporate body on May 21, but it was learnt that the meeting ended up being stalled as both sides could not reach an outright agreement.
Globacom’s representatives was said to have presented the delegation of the NPL led by Owumi with its proposal concerning offsetting the fee for the last year in a four-year contract.
The Premier League representatives, however, responded that the proposal would be presented before the other board members to decide.
It appears that the NPL is not disposed to the idea proposed by Globacom and could in a matter of days enter into talks with another corporate body, it was gathered.
Officials and board members of the Premier League refused to comment on this latest development, as they opted to keep sealed lips on the development.
A staff of the Premier League opened up to that the board is refusing to depend on the arm-twisting tactics adopted by Globacom in paying up N900 million sponsorship fee meant for the just-ended season.
“The league board is working towards making sure that it does not start the new season without a sponsor. The just-concluded season ended with a sponsor but without sponsorship fee. The new board is not happy about that situation and I believe that if Glo refuses to pay up, then the league board will bring in a new sponsor.
“But I don’t know the company or companies they are talking to. The chairman has decided to make the secretariat to write a number of proposals to that effect and I know that a number of companies may have been contacted as we speak because Globacom’s contract has expired,” our source said.
The NPL is also exploring the option of throwing the title sponsorship open by advertising in national newspapers to create a level playing ground for would-be sponsor of the Premier League.
The title sponsorship contract with Globacom was signed in 2006 under Oyuki Obaseki’s administration at a total cost of N787 million including value in kind.
That sum rose to over N1 billion for the just-concluded season and the telecomms outfit was expected to pay N922 million but instead offered N250 million. 

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