Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stiff penalties await NPL clubs for match abandonment

The Nigeria Premier League (NPL) has strongly warned clubs to desist from abandoning league games this season.
According to the Acting Executive Secretary, Tunji Babalola, stressed that any act that tends to bring the game to disrepute by any of the clubs will not be tolerated this season.
“We are putting all mechanism in place to showcase to Nigerians the level of our professionalism in our league and any unruly act by any clubs that tends to taut our dream and bring the league to a standstill shall be dealt with,” he said.
It is in line with the above that the NPL has amended its rules to accommodate cases of abandonment of matches by clubs.
The rule is in Article 4.2(2) which states: “Any club that refuses to continue with a game for a period up to five (5) minutes in a match or till the expiration of full time of either half of the game or walks off the pitch shall be liable to a fine of Three Million Naira only (N3, 000,000.00) payable before the club’s next match.  In addition, three (3) points shall be deducted from already accrued points of the club and also three (3) points and three (3) goals shall be credited to the opponent.”
Article 4.2(3) further states: “If a club fails to honour two consecutive matches without an acceptable reason such a club shall be expelled from the league and its matches played and unplayed shall be cancelled.”
The Premier League witnessed several cases of match abandonment last season.

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