Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ezeugo open to coaching job in NPL

Emeka Ezeugo, has made a come-and-get-me offer to clubs in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) ahead of the 2010/2011.
Ezeugo was fired by Premier League side, Heartland, few days after their ouster from the Caf Champions League.
But the former coach of Churchill Brothers Football Club in India said he is willing to accept offers to handle another Premier League side if he deems such good enough.
“Irrespective of what happened at Heartland, I am still ready to work in the Nigerian Premier League if the offer is right for me. The Heartland experience was good for me and I can’t say because things did not go well at Heartland, then I will shut the door on other clubs.
“You know you can’t judge a book by its cover until you start reading what is inside of it. So I will not say because one club sacked me under the kind of circumstance they did that I will not give another club in Nigeria the chance to talk to me,” he said.
The 44-year-old said he has put behind him the Heartland episode and will not want to revisit it, as he looks forward to building his managerial career.
“It is history now. I have decided to move on and will not want to go back on it again. Now I want to build my career as a manager and coach,” he told

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