Friday, July 10, 2009

Best Keeper Nomination Excite Akpan, Ezenwa

Two of the goalkeepers nominated for last season’s safest hands have expressed happiness for being recognised in the top three best goalkeepers in the Premier League.
Goalkeeper of Bayelsa United and Heartland Football Club were picked by the Award Committee of the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) for their contributions in their sides run in the past season.
Bayelsa United shot-stopper, Bassey Akpan, said in an interview that his attention was called to his nomination when one of the national newspapers in Nigeria published the names of nominees for various categories in the NPL Award for the past season.
Akpan believes that his nomination as one of the three best goalkeepers in the last campaign of the Premier League is a statement of his club’s success in claiming its first league title.
“First I must thank God for a very good season. It was a good season not just for me but for the whole team as well because we won the title. At times, individual nominations such as this is due to the good work from the team. Football is a team sport and I believe that my nomination for this award represents the success of Bayelsa United in the last season of the Premier League,” he said.
Goalkeeper of Heartland FC, Ikechukwu Ezenwa, said apart from being nominated for the award it would be a bonus for him if he is named as best goalkeeper of last season in the Premier League.
“It was a long season and we worked hard to win the title but missed the chance. I am happy that I was nominated and I hope that I can win it and at least have something to show for all the efforts I put in last season,” he said.
Coincidentally, Akpan and Ezenwa conceded the same number of goals last season in the Premier League. They both conceded 27 goals.

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