Monday, July 27, 2009

I Won’t Return To Heartland, Says Zambian Striker

Heartland Football Club’s Zambian striker, Signswonders Chibambo, has declared that he would not return to the club for the coming season since the Owerri outfit owes him two months salaries and backlog of match bonuses. The player told from his native country, where he had gone to be with his wife after the delivering of their child, that he may be forced to seek for employment elsewhere after the ill-treatment from his Nigerian employer. “I am not happy with the way they have treated me. I told them that I wanted my money so that I can return home to take care of my family especially now that my wife just gave birth to our child. But as I talk to you, I am yet to get any money from them and they have left me with no option than to look for another team to play for,” threatened the Zambian forward.

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