Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Boamah Rues 3SC’s Cancelled Goal In Ilorin

Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) head coach, Phillip Boamah, was the least impressed with the cancellation of his side’s first-half goal at the Ilorin Township Stadium when the Ibadan club confronted Kwara United last Saturday.
Apparently knowing that such a goal could count at the end of the season, the Ghanaian coach lamented the centre referee’s decision to strike the 36th minute goal.
Boamah could not explain to Naijaligue.blogspot.com the reason behind the centre referee did not allow the goal to stand when in his own judgement it was a legitimate goal without infringement during the play up to it.
Shooting Stars had believed that it had gone in front against Kwara United just six minutes after the hour mark when Lekan Agunloye scored, but the centre referee, Okobi from Edo State, overruled it to the disappointment of the travelling contingent from Ibadan.
“I think that goal was a clean one and I still cannot know why the referee simply did not allow it,” began Boamah. “I think decisions like these are capable of setting back the affected team because that could have been the winning goal when you consider how the result ended.”
But the Shooting Stars’ handler was happy with the outcome of the encounter in Ilorin since it was the first point that the Oluyole Warriors would pick on the road since the start of the Premier League in September.
Boamah is keen on seeing his side consolidating on the goalless draw against Kwara United in Ilorin in its next game against Sharks Football Club at the Liberation Stadium this weekend.

“A goalless draw is a good result for us especially playing away from home against a side like Kwara United with so many good players. For us, it is like a win against one of the best sides in the league this season and they (Kwara United) are disappointed about that though we may have surprised them if the referee had allowed that goal.
“But we have the big job to do now because we have not won in at least our last four matches and that is not good for a club that has ambitions of being among the best because we used to be among the best. Our next game is equally crucial to us and we want to forget the game in Ilorin and face the next one,” Boamah told Naijaligue.blogspot.com.

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