Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NFF Warns Clubs On Seizure Of Video Evidence

After its sitting last Thursday in Abuja, the Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has advised all clubs in the Premier League on confiscating the video cameras of away teams whenever fracas break out during matches.
The NFF body cautioned the home teams and its state football associations on often doing every thing at all costs to destroy video evidences of away teams during such incidents.
It was agreed upon during last Thursday sitting of the disciplinary body of the football federation that the host FA, home and away clubs would provide a copy each of video evidence for Premier League matches starting from next season.
“Indiscriminate seizure or confiscation of away team video camera has been observed by the committee,” read a statement from the NFF panel to Naijaligue.blogspot.com. “Home teams are fond of confiscating away team’s video recording during matches in a bid to suppress vital evidence thereby preventing the committee from identifying the culprit and to also determine the cause of particular incident.
“To this end, the committee recommended that, the host FA, home team and away team should be made to submit video recording immediately after the match with effect from 2010/2011 season.”

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