Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NPL Disputes Ahmad Musa’s Goals

The Nigeria Premier League (NPL) has come out to declare that the 15 goals credited to Kano Pillars’ attacking winger, Ahmad Musa, in the country’s press contradicts record before it.
NPL Executive Secretary, Alhhassan Yakmut, told Naijaligue.blogspot.com that the 17-year-old has actually scored 14 goals, according to the records made available to him since the start of the season.
“I think you people (in the media) are misleading the public on the number of goals that Ahmad Musa of Kano Pillars has scored this season. The record we have here, as the organisers of the league, is that he has scored 14 goals this season. I believe that we cannot be wrong because every information or statistics on the Premier League gets to us before anybody. So, we have the record here and if you want it we will make it available to prove that he scored 14 goals,” Yakmut said.
Yakmut, who is currently acting as a sole administrator of the Premier League in the absence of a board, promised that the NPL would make available a rundown of Musa’s 14 goals so far this season, according to the records in the secretariat of the league arbiter.
“Like I said earlier I will make the breakdown of the 14 goals scored by Ahmad Musa of Kano Pillars available to you,” the NPL scribe told Naijaligue.blogspot.com at the weekend.
Former spokesman of Kano Pillars, Shehu Adamu, however, disputed the claims of the NPL saying that Musa’s current tally, according to the media is correct.
“There shouldn’t be any dispute about it because the boy has scored 15 goals this season,” Adamu reacted.
When contacted, the man in the centre of the controversy, Musa, said he would also make available records from his club to Naijaligue.blogspot.com.  
The former Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Football Club man did not want to get into many words concerning the issue.
“I don’t think it is a big matter because I know I scored 15 goals. The records are there at the club and I can tell them to make it available,” the teenage striker said.
But the NPL has been guilty of refusing to make available statistics to Premier League correspondents at the end of every round of matches.
At the same time, the Premier League has failed to make use of its official website in posting statistics on number of goals and appearances of players in the 20 clubs as well as cards handed out for every game.
This is not the first time that the NPL is disputing the number of goals scored by highest goal scorers in the top-flight. 
Last season, former Akwa United man, Akarandut Orok, faced similar situation before the air was cleared when the player and his club produced evidence to back up his claim to have scored 17 goals.

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  1. na wa o, so they even have a website, dont they have offial figures