Friday, May 07, 2010

NPL Election Finally Holds Saturday

After several weeks of litigation in the court of law, election in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) would finally be held on Saturday at the Lamonde Hotel, Area II in Abuja.
Chairman of the NPL Electoral Panel, Tony Rafua, has said that no candidate will be allowed to provide accommodation for any of the delegates for the elections.
Rafua noted that all the delegates will enjoy that facility from that the electoral panel.
"I want to warn all the candidates that if they think they have money to impress anybody, they should keep it to themselves. No candidate is allowed to book accommodation for any of the delegates because the electoral panel will cater for all the delegates.
"No candidate is allowed near the hotel where the delegates will stay because they are not expected to campaign there. If they want, they can use their phone to do the campaigning, but they are not allowed near the hotel where the delegates will stay.
"All the candidates are expected to comply with this directive, because security personnel will be instructed to arrest any candidate that flouts this order. We want to conduct this election in an environment where all the candidates will be given an enabling environment to succeed," Rafua blurted out.
– Emeka Nwani,

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