Saturday, July 31, 2010

Group Salutes Baribote For Heading To FIFA

A body that parades itself as fighting for justice and simply known as Obama Group has hailed the decision of Victor Baribote Rumson to take his case over the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) election to the world soccer governing body, FIFA.
In an e-mail statement sent to by the group, it believes that the troubled Bayelsa United chairman’s gesture will help to tackle the rot in the game in Nigeria.
The group stated that Rumson’s move will further give FIFA a firsthand knowledge of how the former leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) tried to personalise football matters in the country.
“This is what we have been praying for. The chicken has finally come home to roost. It will afford FIFA and the football fraternity the opportunity to see the illegality that has transpired and perpetrated by the impeached NFF cabal in their bid to settle personal score and to clinch to power.
“It is good that FIFA will now see how all laid down rules as it concerns electioneering matters were flagrantly abused and turned upside down,” the statement read.
The Obama Group also believes that this is the time for FIFA to ask salient questions on how the NFF came about setting up an arbitration panel and how an individual can upturn the decision of a congress which is the supreme body, according to its election statutes.
The body also thinks that FIFA will also like to know how the electoral matter that has been provided for in the standard electoral code ended in an arbitration panel.
The Obama group is, however, angry that the revelation will put a lot of question mark on the calibre of leadership that has ran Nigeria’s football in the last four years.

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