Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lucozade Sport reaffirms commitment to NPL

In line with its efforts to support Nigerian football, the Marketing Manager, Lucozade Sport, Chika Adibo, has reaffirmed that teams would continue to be supported with the product next season.
Lucozade Sport collaboration with Nigeria Premier League (NPL) started in 2008/2009 season and there has been a concerted effort to ensure that Lucozade Sport drink makes an impact on the performance of players.
At the NPL Super Four, the use of Lucozade Sport yielded well as teams now take delight in using the sport drink during league matches.
Adibo added that the use of Lucozade Sport has helped the nutritional ability of the players.
He said: “Lucozade Sports drink is provided to each of the 20 clubs including essential information on nutrition. This is why the Super Four is important to us at Lucozade Sports because it features the top four teams in the league playing against each other thereby displaying top performance powered by Lucozade Sports drink.”
Lucozade Sports drink was launched into the Nigerian market in with a commitment to support the development of indigenous football league.
Prior to the advent of Lucozade Sport drink into the Nigerian market, consumption of sports drink amongst the local clubs were virtually non-existent. The use of energy drinks, which are not suitable for use by professional athletes, was more readily consumed.
There was also little or no formal education on professional sports nutrition and how it can help participants’ performance.
Lucozade Sport has changed the game. The awareness of the importance of nutrition for professional players is on the increase.

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