Wednesday, August 18, 2010

N300m threatens to tear Lobi Stars apart

A big storm involving an alleged N300 million budget for last season is brewing up inside the camp of Nigeria Premier League side, Lobi Stars and can reveal that the amount is threatening to tear apart the team.
A top official of the club disclosed to on Monday that two camps at Lobi Stars could be set for a battle over last season’s budget alleged to be in the region of N300 million.
It is learnt that one of the management officials at Lobi Stars, who wields so much influence, has refused to append his signature to the document that will facilitate the release of the alleged N300 million from the Benue State government for the past season.
Lobi Stars competed on three fronts – the Premier League, the Federation Cup (formerly the FA Cup) and the West African Football Union (WAFU) Club Cup, which has led to the Benue State government willing to release the alleged booty.
It is believed that since the club was handed over to a business group that it has found it difficult to generate funds on its own as expected by the state government.
Players and officials have been at loggerheads with the club over non-payment of their contract fees for the past season. understands that one camp of the club is refusing to sign the document that will release the alleged funds since it is unsure that it will get its own 40 per cent of the bargain in running the percentage of the club ceded to it for three years.
An attempt to speak to the club’s chief executive, Dominic Iorfa, on the alleged N300 million budget for the club was mildly evaded.
He told our correspondent that he is unaware of such development and opted to speak on matters bordering on the appointment of a head coach for the Super Eagles.
“I think we should concentrate on talking about who becomes the coach of the Super Eagles. I don’t want to talk about Lobi Stars because I don’t know what you’re saying. I usually don’t talk to people but I am doing so because I know you and I read your column a lot.
“I expect that you should even be asking me about how the Federation Cup faired because I am a technical man instead of Lobi Stars,” Iorfa said evading the issue of the alleged fund.

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