Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ajagun goes AWOL again

Dolphin Football Club have declared Flying Eagles midfielder, Abduljeleel Ajagun, Absent Without Leave (AWOL) after he failed to report back to the camp of the side.
Manager of Dolphin FC, Stanley Eguma, said no one in the club knows Ajagun’s whereabouts since the last match of the country’s Under20s played against Mauritius last weekend.
“He did this the last time by refusing to report to camp after he was freed by the national team coaches and he has done it again now,” Eguma said.
“Out of three Dolphins players with the Flying Eagles, Omoh Ojabu and Chidi Osuchukwu are back but Ajagun is nowhere to be found and has turned off his phone.
“We just want to make it clear that this is the kind of attitude that might cause us to impose disciplinary action against him because attitude like this will not be taken kindly by the club. We all know the league resumes next week and we surely need all our players together,” Eguma said in anger.
It will be recalled that Abduljeleel Ajagun was once thrown out of the Flying Eagles camp for acts of indiscipline but recalled after entreaties on his behalf were made to head coach of the side, John Obuh.

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