Sunday, October 10, 2010

NPL warns clubs on players’ debt

Ahead of the new season due to kick off on October 23, the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) has warned the 20 clubs that will compete in the 2010/2011 campaign to ensure that they settle outstanding debt of players and officials.
Chairman of the Premier League, Davidson Owumi, advised the clubs to make sure that they pay up their debt to the players and coaches before the coming season’s campaign kicks off in 13 days.
But he added that the NPL will only condone a situation whereby “only verifiable debts” will be given attention.
“The Nigeria Premier League is enjoining all clubs in the Premier League to pay up their debt to players and officials. But when we talk of debt, the Nigeria Premier League is referring to only verifiable debt now. All of this we communicated to the clubs,” he said.
The NPL chief also said the league body will make sure that all players that will participate in the top-flight of the country will have copies of their contract with their respective clubs lodged at the secretariat of the Premier League.
He made it clear that no Premier League club will be exempted from the resolution of ensuring that players have proper contract papers deposited at the NPL.
Owumi, however, pointed out another salient issue in the Premier League saying that the NPL will not condone clubs that wear merchandise of foreign clubs to prosecute league matches as witnessed in the past.
“I think we have to make it straight that the NPL will not condone situations whereby we see captains of clubs wear captain armbands of foreign clubs. For instance, may be the captain of one of the clubs wearing the captain armband with the logo of Arsenal or Chelsea on it. Or, may be one of the coaching staff of a club wears the jersey of a foreign club. That we will not condone because all of the clubs have their logos and as the body overseeing the league, we want to make sure that we give the league a face of its own rather,” he said.

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