Friday, January 21, 2011

NPL rejects reversal on sponsorship deal

The Nigeria Premier League (NPL) has declared that it has no business with the purported statement credited to its Acting Executive Secretary, Tunji Babalola, that the body will re-conduct the title sponsorship bid for the Premier League.
“Nigeria Premier League wishes to dissociate itself from the alleged press release purportedly signed by acting Executive Secretary, Tunji Babalola on the sponsorship deal with MTN.
“NPL is a registered company and as such can take decisions on how to improve the game in the country without any interference,” said the statement.
The Premier League also made it clear that Babalola’s decision to sign the statement released by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) media officer, Ademola Olajire, does not affect the earlier bid process, which awarded Total Promotions Limited representing MTN Nigeria, the title sponsorship of the topflight in Nigeria.
The league arbiter also stated that it is the body’s chairman or the vice chairman that has the powers to append signature on statements concerning matters concerning the Premier League.
“We want to state here that whatever Tunji Babalola has signed is null and void because it does not have the mandate of the congress, which is the highest decision-making body and the board of NPL.
“We did what is best for the Premier League in the country and for anybody to feel that they can drag us back will not be good for the game in the country.
“Babalola cannot sign a document on behalf of the NPL concerning the bid process when the Chairman and Vice Chairman are still alive.
“For him to sign that the bid process that brought in a new sponsor was not well done when the congress and board has not decided otherwise is simply not binding," NPL said in a statement.

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