Thursday, September 27, 2012

NNL omits Ocean Boys

Troubled Nigerian club, Ocean Boys have been left out of the second-tier league competition for the 2012/2013 season.

Chairman of the Nigeria National League (NNL), Emeka Inyama confirmed that 31 clubs instead of 32 will take part in the coming season.

He also explained the decision to expunge the 2006 Nigeria Premier League (NPL) champions from next season's campaign.

"Only 31 clubs will compete in the National League in the coming season," began Inyama. "The reason is that the Nigeria Premier League forwarded to us only three names of relegated clubs to us and we gave them four names in return (to play in the top division).

"They forwarded to us the names of Jigawa Golden Stars Football Club, Niger Tornadoes Football Club and Rising Stars Football Club. There was no communication about Ocean Boys Football Club. I don't know anything about their rules and regulation and that's why we will proceed with 31 teams for next season."

Acting Executive Secretary of the Premier League, Tunji Babalola insisted that Ocean Boys stand expelled from the league "according to Article 4.2(3) in the 2012 rules of the NPL."

But Ocean Boys have said they will take their case to the Organising and Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

"We will take this matter to the NFF because they are the apex body running football in the country and whatever the outcome we will accept. But I must make it clear that the (Victor Rumson) Baribote-led board of the NPL has failed us," said Ocean Boys spokesman, Asein Ohis.

Ocean Boys were expelled from the Nigerian top flight 48 hours to the end of last season after they failed to honour four league games including three consecutively.

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