Friday, July 12, 2013

Fifa monitoring Nigeria match-fixing

The world soccer governing body, Fifa has taken interest in the scandalous results posted by two Nigerian amateur clubs last weekend.

In what looked like cricket scorelines, Plateau United Feeders and Police Machine defeated Akurba FC and Bubayaro FC by outrageous scorelines of 79-0 and 67-0 respectively last weekend.

According to, Fifa issued a statement this week on the situation in the West African nation and "is currently monitoring" to see how the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) handles the matter.

Fifa also recognises that the issue is "firstly" an internal matter.

"The matter is firstly the responsibility of the Nigerian Football (Federation). Therefore FIFA is currently monitoring the situation and waiting for action taken by the Nigerian (federation)," Fifa stated.

A top official of the NFF confirmed that the country's football governing body is aware that Fifa is keen on the latest happening.

"We are aware of the situation and the fact that Fifa frowns at such a disgraceful scoreline in the game. As a federation affiliated to Fifa we have taken the first step to suspend the teams indefinitely. But it won't stop there as investigation into those matches are ongoing and every actor involved in the act has been invited by the football federation for questioning," said the official, who would rather remain anonymous.

"After our investigation, there will be serious, in fact, severe penalties for anyone found in the act of bringing the game to disrepute. We won't hesitate in punishing the culprit accordingly even if it means issuing life bans."

Already, the results in the amateur playoffs involving all four teams have been nullified.

Bubayaro FC have been disbanded by their owner, Shuaibu Gara-Gombe while the coaches of Plateau United Feeders have been placed on indefinite suspension pending full investigation into the matches.

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