Thursday, January 23, 2014

NNL suffers shift in kick-off date

The 2013/14 Nigeria National League (NNL) season will no longer kick off this Saturday as scheduled.

NNL chairman, Emeka Inyama, explained to on Thursday that the 2013/14 season will now kick off on February 15 owing to sudden adjustment in logistics.

"Yes it is true that the league will now kick off on February 15," responded Inyama when made enquiry. "We had to shift the start date due to the inability to secure fund early for indemnities (for match officials)."

He further explained that the NNL approached the apex football body, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), for fund which will not be available in time before the kick-off date.

Inyama said: "After we approached the NFF for fund to offset the indemnities they made it clear that the money won't be available at a very short notice. So we had to shift by three weeks in order not to burden the participating clubs with issues of (paying) indemnities and allow us time.

"It's only logical for the shift than burden the club with this. Moreover we don't intend to run the league by giving (host) clubs undue advantage."

The 16 matches earlier slated for this weekend in the National League Divisions A and B are now off.

The shift in kick-off date for the NNL will now mean a re-adjustment in the 2013/14 calendar, which was earlier billed to end on June 11 this year.

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