Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Clubs To Know Fate Over Venues This Week

The 20 clubs due to participate in the Globacom Premier League this season are expected to know where they would be playing their home matches for the 2009/2010 campaign.
The Head of Competitions at the Nigeria Premier League (NPL), Tunji Babalola, told our correspondent on Monday morning that the reports of the inspection teams to the various stadia picked for the league games this season would be assessed and a verdict would be made public by the Premier League board this week.
He pointed out that there would be no preferential treatment over the stadia of the clubs since the NPL’s requirement for meeting television-friendliness is clear to the clubs.
“Before the first round of games this weekend, we will know the venues that will pass the inspection. And the reports of the inspection teams would be made known to the public so that we will know stadia that will play host to the Globacom Premier League this season. The clubs know why this inspection was carried out. It is to ensure that we have TV-friendly stadia for the new season,” he explained.
In another development, Babalola also disclosed to our correspondent that majority of the clubs have registered their teams for the new season and was still expecting a few others to conclude registration on deadline day, which was Monday.
He explained that the NPL had made it clear to the 20 Premier League clubs that September 14 was the deadline for registration of players for the new season..

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