Monday, November 09, 2009

Dolphin Now Holds Meetings In Streets

Globacom Premier League side, Dolphin Football Club’s secretariat has been running the team’s administrative operations for the last two years in the club’s canteen or on roadsides, understands.
An official of the club hinted that though the scenario may sound funny but the club does not have a permanent office to handle issues bordering on administration.
The official revealed to that the building used as secretariat by the club is located in the D-Line area of Port Harcourt, Rivers State while its team camp is at Elekahia Estate.
It was learnt that the owner of the building at D-Line ordered that the occupant, Dolphin FC, vacated his premises since it could no longer cough out undisclosed amount to pay its rent.
The Dolphin FC source also disclosed that the club could not continue to sustain the rent for the building since the Rivers State sports commissioner, Boma Iyaye, told the management of the former Nigerian champion that the state cannot afford to pay for the rent of the duplex at D-Line.
It was further gathered that the Rivers State sports commissioner premissed his position on the grounds that the state government could not continue to foot such expensive bill over a building as it amounts to waste of funds.
However, the sports commissioner, who is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the club and city rival, Sharks Football Club, did not provide an alternative for the management.
This development has led to the club’s administrative arm resorting to holding its meetings at either the canteen of the team’s camp at Elekahia Estate or open spaces in the Garden City of Port Harcourt.
The official also told that the club’s administrators have had to use the stadium on some occasions.
Documents concerning the club are also kept in the houses of the officials while vehicles belonging to some management members have been turned into a mini-office of sort, as they used to carry.
Affected in this ejection at its former office in D-Line are the account, media and the technical departments among others.
“Our camp is at Elekahia Estate while the office is at D-Line in Port Harcourt. But rent for the office at D-Line expired two years ago and the commissioner said there is no money to pay and that we should move our things out. We have never operated from that office at least not in the last two seasons since the man (the sports commissioner) refused to release funds to renovate the place. Now we hold meetings at the stadium, inside the club canteen or any where we find space on the road to park our cars,” the official told of the pathetic story.

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