Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sharks In Five Months Debt To Players

Premier League basement side, Sharks Football Club, understands, owes its players backlog of salaries of five months.
A player, who would not want to be named, hinted that the austere times are biting hard on him and some of his colleagues at the Port Harcourt club, as their match bonuses are too meagre to cater for their growing family expenses in the face of the harsh economic reality in Nigeria.
It was confirmed that the club still owes the players few match bonuses for recent games.
“We don’t know what is happening here. It is difficult to explain. In the past five months, we have been playing without getting our salaries and as a family man I am finding it hard to cope on just match bonuses that are not even paid up to date,” the player complained to
The player also appealed too the Rivers State government to bail out the side financially so that the players would get their money, as he believes that the trend is affecting the team psychologically.

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