Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Owumi Visits NPL Office, Meets With Staff

New chairman of Nigeria Premier League (NPL) on Tuesday visited the corporate headquarters of the league body for the first time since he assumed position as the boss of Premier League.
Owumi arrived at the office at exactly 4.10 pm to the warm welcome of the staff and expressed satisfaction with the way they carried on in spite of obvious challenges throughout the season.
"I want to say that I am happy with the way you have performed your duties. But we are all going to work harder because every lost ground must be covered.
"We are going to reward hard work because this is a call to duty for everybody as we strive to improve on what the last board did. I must say they performed very well, and with your cooperation and hard work, we can further lift the game in all ramifications.
"Let us all see it as one big project where we can all contribute our quota to make the Premier League work in this country," Owumi told the NPL workers.
The staff promised to cooperate and do their best to take the Premier League to another level.
– Emeka Nwani,

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  1. Hoping he gets enough support to help turn things around. He has been involved with soccer all his life. He is smart and able to bring people together for a common goal..he is going to be good for nigerian Soccer

    Alexander Amu