Monday, June 28, 2010

Premier League Clubs Back Owumi

The 20 clubs in the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) have resolved to stand by their chairman, Davidson Owumi, in spite of the purported nullification of the election by the Arbitration Panel.
They contended that they are not happy with the arbitrator, Professor Ibidapo Obe, who even in his award said he is setting aside the decision of the congress because in his own words it favoured one person.
“How can Ibidapo Obe say a congress decision is not important in this matter? And who gave him the right to talk about a decision that has been taken?
“We want to repeat it here that we stand by Owumi the same NFF that set up this kangaroo panel had three of their members during the election in Abuja.
“If anybody will vote in another election, we are the ones that will vote, but we are saying that the issue of another election will not come up because our election was conducted in a free and fair atmosphere.
“In the NFF electoral guidelines, it is clearly stated that the appeals committee decision is final and anybody that is aggrieved can go to the Court of Arbitration in Sports.
“But for the NFF to turn around to set up the Arbitration Panel means they are not sincere and are contravening their own status.
“The approved our electoral guidelines and look at what they are doing because they think they can control whatever happens in Nigerian football.
“Can anybody set aside what is not in the NFF statues? Owumi is our Chairman and that is the problem with some people in Nigeria.
“When we should be progressing, they are dragging us back. Owumi is our Chairman and we stand by him.”

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