Friday, July 02, 2010

Firm To Build Free Websites For Clubs

There is hope after all for Nigeria Premier League who cannot be monitored all over the world through the internet.
A Lagos-based company, Arena Signage Limited, has decided to build website for all the clubs in the Premier League free of charge.
Chief Executive of the company, Obi Adrian Nnaobi, told that the offer is its little contribution to building a virile Premier League in the country.
"We must support the Premier League. Now that the Super Eagles have failed to put smiles on our faces at the on going World Cup, we must all come back and the league work.
"Arena Signage is building the website for the clubs that cannot be assessed on the internet, so that another business window can be opened for them.
"We believe the clubs will take advantage of this opportunity and get in tune with the current trend in modern football.
"The clubs should just get in touch and before the start of next season, all the 20 Premier League clubs would have their websites functioning," Nnaobi said.

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