Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rafua Warns NPL Board Members

Chairman of Nigeria Premier League (NPL) electoral panel, Tony Rafua, has warned board members to respect the statutes by avoiding affiliation with their former clubs.
Rafua told the NPL’s official website that some members are still parading themselves as part of their former Premier League clubs.
“It is clearly stated in the statutes that once a board member is elected, he resigns from his club. But we have noticed that some of the members still fraternise with their clubs.
“The electoral committee still has four more years to stay and we will not hesitate to call for a bye-election if these members think they can eat their cake and still have it.
“We must be seen as doing a good job of improving the fortunes of the Premier League in Nigeria. And if the board members decide not to abide by what is in the statutes, then as electoral committee members, we will act as watchdogs to make them comply.
“Any team still doing business with these set of board members are taking a risk. And apart from writing to the clubs, we are also going to publish their letters of resignation so that Nigerians will know that they have truly resigned,” Rafua fumed.
In order to prevent members from influencing results of their clubs during the football season, the NPL inserted in its statutes that all board members must resign as soon as they are elected into the board.

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