Saturday, August 07, 2010

NSC extols new NPL board

The National Sports Commission (NSC) has commended the new board of the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) for ensuring that the 2009/2010 season ended in spite of hurdles it faced during the past season.
Director-General of the sports commission, Dr. Patrick Ekeji, represented by one of the NSC deputies, Alhassan Yakmut, said the Premier League braved a number of obstacles to ensure that the past season came to a logical conclusion with Enyimba emerging champion for the sixth time.
The sports commission official explained further that despite facing financial handicap in running the league, the NPL took the mantle on itself and sourced for funds to make sure that the season was concluded.
He added that the situation was further compounded when the league campaign had to be stretched into the World Cup finals.
“It was a difficult season for the Nigeria Premier League. The Premier League board was faced with different problems including the lack of funds. Yet it surmounted that and came out on top,” he said.
However, the NSC director-general’s representative did not stop at heaping praise on the new board for its performance at the close of last season’s campaign.
Yakmut said the NPL should consolidate on its performance from last season by ensuring that it puts up a good show on making sure that the Nigerian top-flight division is better organised than previous seasons.

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