Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why I returned to Kwara Utd – Ikhana

In spite of having to leave Ilorin in unceremonious fashion in his last stint with Kwara United, Kadiri Ikhana has decided to explain why he has returned to the same town where fans were hostile to him three years ago.
In an interview with in Ijebu-Ode during this year’s edition of the Super Four, Ikhana revealed that it was the clamour by certain people in Ilorin that swayed his decision to take up the head coach job at the side after his previous experience at the hands of the club’s supporters.
Ikhana also made it clear that the set of people who wanted him back at Kwara United as head coach expressed belief in his ability to lead the club to glory in the 2010/2011 season.
“I have been at Kwara United before. I left the club last time for certain reasons. But in life we part and meet again and that is what has happened. I believe that if I didn’t do a good job with the club the last time when I was coach here they will not want me to take charge of their team.
“I must tell you that a number of people did play roles in my coming here. It is not just a coincidence that I will be coaching Kwara United next season. As a human being, there are people who will play roles in your life as you grow up. So, as a football coach, people have played roles in bringing me to Kwara United again,” said Ikhana.
Ikhana also pointed out that he has returned to the Afonja Warriors to win trophies and expects that his side will be challenging for the Premier League title from the outset of the season.
The Kwara United gaffer made it clear that every of the coach that will be competing in the Premier League in the 2010/2011 season will aim to win the championship and he is also looking at achieving same feat.
The former Enyimba and Kano Pillars’ coach believes that targeting the league trophy with Kwara United is a realistic goal.
“It is a realistic target I will tell you. I have won the league with Enyimba and I have done same with Kano Pillars. But you can only achieve things anywhere you work if a proper environment is created for you to do your job. I am sure that in your office, your company must have provided certain facilities and even monetary incentives to help you with your job.
“So I am looking at doing my job at Kwara United under the best possible condition. That is the only way you can get a good result because you will not be distracted with whether the club administrators are telling to field a particular player ahead of those in form or that your salaries are not yet paid,” the 58-year-coach said.

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