Tuesday, October 09, 2012

3SC put five on transfer list

Nigeria Premier League (NPL) side, 3SC have placed five of their players in the transfer market.

Kabiru Alausa, Tope Orelope, Kingsley Elvis and Raheem Owolabi (pictured) are surprisingly among those the Oluyole Warriors are ready to farm out before the start of the coming season.

Little-known Kelechi Christiano is the fifth player placed on transfer by 3SC.

Supersport.com learned that a sixth player, Afeez Awakan was given a reprieve and retained for the coming season.

"Actually the names of players placed on transfer was six but I'm only surprised that it is now five like you've said. Afeez Awakan is the sixth player but now there's only five on the transfer list.

"Letters have been officially given to the affected players notifying them about their new status, and that they can start looking for employment elsewhere before the start of the new season," a top official of 3SC disclosed to supersport.com.

The Ibadan-based club have retained 29 players for the coming season as well as coaches Babatunde Odubola and Hakeem Busari.

3SC finished last term in 13th place on the board on 49 points.

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