Monday, April 19, 2010

Adepoju To Quit Troubled Shooting Stars

It appears that the crisis that has deepened at troubled Premier League club, Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC), may result in the resignation of its general manager, Mutiu Adepoju.
A close source to from inside the Jericho-based secretariat of the club in Ibadan informed that Adepoju is considering dumping the Oluyole Warriors following interference by political bigwigs of Oyo State in the running of the top division outfit.
In the wake of reports suggesting that the N350 million subvention from the Oyo State government had been held back, uncertainty now looms on whether Adepoju, who has had to joggle three roles as general manager, technical director and head coach since the start of this year, would want to remain in the saddle as helmsman of the side.
But an official of the club disclosed that the former Nigeria international is unhappy with the recent development at the club including the starving it of funds to offset players’ contract fees and other outstanding debt.
“It is not the best of times at the club right now,” began the official, who did not want his name mentioned. “Mr. Adepoju is not happy with the way things are going because his job is being made difficult the more by some powers-that-be within government circle. But he wants to stay in charge and help the club but his patience is wearing out and if things continue this way, it might just be a matter of time before he quits.”
Another official admitted that the former Shooting Stars’ midfielder could leave the club at the end of the current season depending on how the Ibadan side finishes in the top-flight.
It is also understood that speculation that the Oyo State government might constitute a management board could also force out Adepoju, who last season played a major role in ensuring that Shooting Stars won promotion to the Premier League after three years in the lower division.
“One thing is certain now. If Shooting Stars are relegated at the end of the season, I am sure that Mutiu (Adepoju) would leave the club and if he doesn’t they would tell him to leave. Also, we have read reports about a new management board to be set up, but nobody has said anything about that arrangement. If that happens and the ideology of that board does not tally with that of Mutiu, he will leave the club,” another official hinted. is also aware that last season, Adepoju had to put up his properties in Ibadan as collateral to secure a loan from one of the banks in the country to run the Premier League outfit before the state government released funds leading up to the club’s promotion to the top-flight.

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