Monday, April 05, 2010

Heartland Star Visits Synagogue For Miracle

One of the top players of Premier League side, Heartland Football Club, was in Lagos late last month to offer prayers at the popular church of Synagogue For All Nations in Okota area. spoke to the player in question and he pleaded that his identity should not be revealed at all in order to avoid getting into any confrontation with his employer, who did not know that he had travelled to Nigeria’s business capital, Lagos.
The 22-year-old player came to Lagos after the side’s 2 – 2 draw with Tiko United in the CAF Champions League first leg, second round game last month.
He also explained that his main reason for attending one of the services of Synagogue For All Nations is to seek for divine intervention in his career.
“My brother I beg you do not tell anyone that I am in town. My reason for coming to Lagos is to pray at Synagogue. You know as a human we all need God’s intervention in whatever we do in life. So that is why I am here (in Lagos) to pray to Him to help out in my career. But I just want this to remain between me and you because things like these are personal issues,” he pleaded.
The player, whose is very religious, spent almost five days in Lagos before he headed back to Owerri to join his team-mates for one of the league games of last month after playing Tiko United in Douala.
However, the star player, who turns 23 this year, pointed out that going to the Synagogue For All Nations to worship should not raise eyebrows but did not want to fall into trouble with his employer, Heartland FC.
“I have watch programmes of the church on television several times, and I must tell you that I have been impressed by the way things are done there. So I felt that I should just go there and worship and then also ask God for favour in my career. For me, I don’t think it is a big deal to go and worship in Synagogue because it is also like to go to other churches on normal service days to worship and pray for favours,” the player told
The player also revealed that he took time to pray for Heartland’s campaign in the both the Premier League and the CAF Champions League this season.
“Also, I prayed for Heartland that we can win the CAF Champions League this season and also the league because I know if we do well in the two competitions that it will affect my career positively,” he said. 

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