Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ezeji blasts NPL

Victor Ezeji (pictured) has pointed fingers at the Nigeria Premier League (NPL) for refusing to enforce the rules on players' welfare.

The Sharks' striker has also branded the welfare arrangement in the nation's top flight as "rubbish."

He pointed out an instance of clubs flouting the rules in paying up signing-on fees to players every season as an example of the rot in the Premier League.

"The welfare package is rubbish as far as I am concern because the league has six games to go (this season) and players' signing-on fees have not been paid till now. The NPL rule says 60 percent before the season commences and 40 percent before the start of second round should be paid but that has not been done. And not even the NPL is doing anything about it.

"Once the league ends we will hear them say any team that have not paid the signing-on fees (of their players) will not be registered year in, year out," he said. asked Ezeji to react on the school of thought that proffered the scrapping of signing-on fees for improved monthly salaries as one of the solutions.

"Never that's total nonsense," the striker responded. "There are certain things that have come to stay. When clubs find it so difficult to pay match bonuses, is it salaries of N500,000 they will pay?

"Where will they get money to pay the fat salaries? Is it not from the same purse? Don't the clubs go through the ministries, who have budgets? Or we just wake up and start running football?"

However, Ezeji summed it up that the problem bordering on welfare in the Premier League can be solved by bringing in "credible" people, who will view the league as business and brand to run the game.

"The first problem is that people running the league don't keep to their words and the solution is to bring in credible people who are astute businessmen and women - people, who will see the league as a brand capable of becoming a huge business and people who will keep to whatever they say," he rounded off.

Ezeji enjoys a legendary status in the Nigerian top flight having made his first appearance in the league with Sharks in 1996.

He has also played for Dolphins on two occasions as well as six-time champions, Enyimba.

The striker has also had stints outside Nigeria with Appollon of Greece and Tunisia's Club Africain.

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