Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dolphins FC Fingers Ref In Ibadan Drama

The contingent of Dolphins Football Club to Ibadan for the Week Two game against Shooting Stars Sports Club (3SC) that ended in a 1-1 draw has pointed fingers at the centre referee for robbing it of the maximum points. understands that the centre referee, Abubakar Agu, showed that he could do better than his English counterpart, Mike Dean, by adding seven extra minutes to the initial four in order to aid the Ibadan side to grab one point of visiting Dolphins FC.
Head coach of the club, Stanley Eguma, was livid in added time, as the centre referee, who handled the Federation Cup final between Sharks Football Club and Enyimba, gave 11 minutes.
The fourth official had signified four added minutes but Agu had other ideas and allowed the game to run for another extra seven minutes, which ensured that the home side, Shooting Stars, fought back to earn a draw and one point.
Eguma described the seven extra minutes to added to the initial injury time of four minutes as criminal.
“I blame the referee. How could he say four extra minutes and then give eleven. That was criminal,” fumed Eguma after the game.
However, the former Sharks FC handler did lay the blame on the doorstep of the referee alone, as he blamed his players for lacking the discipline to remain focus when it was apparent that the home side had run out of time.
“But again, despite the referee’s antics, I am sad that my defenders lost concentration when it mattered most. We should have won today’s match,” Eguma pointed out.

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