Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Omodiagbe for treatment in Germany

Warri Wolves' midfielder, Emmanuel Omodiagbe is scheduled to embark on a trip to Germany for treatment.

Omodiagbe, who has been sidelined by a torn ligament for more than three months, confirmed this to on Tuesday.

The defensive midfielder disclosed that he did not anticipate that the injury would be serious until he undergone an MRI scan in Lagos this month.

"At first I thought it was one of those injuries that will heal with time. I did several tests in Warri but nothing was discovered and yet the pains persisted. So I was advised to do an MRI scan in Lagos before it turned out that I was carrying a (torn) ligament.

"The specialist I was also told to see in Ogun State then advised me that the best treatment I can get for my (torn) ligament is to go abroad, and that's why the club is planning to take me to Germany," he said.

The former Heartland man is keen to make the trip for his treatment before the start of next season and wants the club to hasten up the process.

"I live on football and right now I can only hope that the process is done quickly so that I can undergo the treatment and start my recovery to full fitness before the new season starts," Omodiagbe told

Wolves' media manager, Timi Ebikagboro also confirmed the trip and explained that it was earlier planned for India until the mention of Germany came up.

"The club is flying Emmanuel Omodiagbe to Germany for medical attention. He has a torn ligament I think. So we need to fly him abroad as his situation cannot be handled by our medics here.

"We actually had an option of taking him to India but then it meant somebody accompanying him so we chose Germany as his elder brother is there and would be of help to him," Ebikagboro disclosed.

However, Omodiagbe is not the only player out on a long-term injury at Warri Wolves, as goalkeeper Ambrose Vanzekin has been nursing a broken arm.

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